About Me

I am a Software Development Engineer for work, sometimes it feels like its all I do. That said when I'm not working those 40 hours I need to support my cats, there are some other things I like to do.

  • Recreational Software Development
  • Cars/Motorcycles
  • Games

Recreational Software Development

First of all, I would suggest going to look at my github if you are interested. You can find me here. https://github.com/jesseDMoore1994

I write Python and build CI/CD tools predominantly for work. This means familiarity with Docker, Ansible, Cloud Infrastructure, Jenkins, etc. so on and so forth. I write code recreationally so that I can (at least attempt to) stay up to date with Software Engineering outside of my comfort zone. I'm particularly interested in topic of Functional Programming because I like the absence of side effects in my code. Unfortunately for my coworkers, that means every virtual environment I use has toolz installed. I also have an interest in metaprogramming with C++, but I have not been able to fully engross myself in the material.

Cars and Motorcycles

I have a Mazda MX-5 Miata and a Suzuki EX 650 (ninja). I like to do the work on them myself, mostly because I don't want to take them to a shop when I can do it myself. I don't really consider working on the vehicles fun in and of itself but gaining the knowledge of how to do it is rewarding in its own way. At the very least it lets me know if I am being robbed when I take it to a mechanic.


I think most programmers like games in some form or another. I enjoy a good round of lost legacy, star realms, or any other sort of card game. When we start getting into serious strategy games is when my attention wavers. I also like to play a good story driven video game from time to time. I'm not too interested in competitive gaming, fighting the game itself is more of my interest. I like FPS games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, half-life, and so on.