RSS Support now enabled!

Where are the feeds?

One of my friends Morgan was talking to me about this website yesterday and he prefers to read this type of content using an RSS reader. I don't really use RSS so it wasn't part of my initial deployment as it had not crossed my mind.

Pelican to the Rescue! I am now producing atom feeds at the path /feeds.

One can follow the feed for all blog postings at the following URL:

Or, if you are only interested in a specific category, you can use follow just that one category. For instance, if you just get sadistic thrills by listening to me complain about make, you could use:

Pelican Configuration to make it possible

The configuration of this feature was actually very trivial, all I had to do was adjust my to include the following:

FEED_ALL_ATOM = 'feeds/all.atom.xml'
CATEGORY_FEED_ATOM = 'feeds/{slug}.atom.xml'

I hope your RSS reader supports Atom feeds Morgan! If not, there are some additional pure RSS settings I can mess with.

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